Eco-Friendly JakeBox

 - Jan 30, 2008
References: amsteeman & jakebox
When the most recent Rolling Stones compilation of hits is released as double CD, it will have a shocking effect on the existence of the Swedish company JakeBox, which developed the new innovative CD/DVD packaging with the same name.

The JakeBox is made of 100% paperboard with an ingenious folding construction to keep the CD in place.

Rolled Gold+, the Rolling Stones compilation of latest hits, a double CD, is a special limited edition of 200.000 copies, which might not be a large number for the Rolling Stones, but for JakeBox it is the largest order they ever had.

Made of 100% paperboard the JakeBox holds the CD or DVD in place with an ingenious designed folded ”claw”. The claw releases the CD when the cover is opened and locks it again by closing the cover. The original concept was a pure handmade folded and erected packaging, with which the huge numbers music companies are used to release their albums never could be met, neither physically nor in terms of price as the manual stages of the production process made it infeasible to achieve large production runs.

In cooperation with Strand Grafiska and HJ Mek, JakeBox designed and constructed a machine with an output of 1.800 packs an hour, which allows JakeBox to enter the huge and profitable market of the entertainment industry and competing with the plastic box generally used to market CD's and DVD's.

The cover of the JakeBox packaging for Rolled Gold+ is made from 300 gr/m2 Invercote G, a paperboard quality of Iggesund (www. while the interior and claws are from 180 gr/m2, which allows frequent flexing and folding by opening and closing the box without cracking.

The JakeBox is eco-friendly, weighs 70% less than the standard clear plastic box and doesn't break if you drop it on the floor. The box can have a wide range of sizes and applications.
The Rolling Stones' "Rolled Gold+" double CD, featured in a special package kit with two gold and black JakeBoxes in a slipcase printed by Strand Grafiska in Malmö. The graphic design is by Zip Design, London.

The JakeBox is an amazing and clever construction, a perfect solution for all the burned music CD's you have laying around. If you want to construct one yourself to protect your downloaded CD´s go to where you will find the full scale drawings of a one CD and a double CD pack. But never forget, don't market it, as the innovation is protected by patents.