The Dalai Lama Handshake Revolution

 - Aug 8, 2008
There are so many mixed feelings about the Beijing Olympics. China's record on human rights issues has been deplorable, but the spirit of international camaraderie that the Olympics brings to the world fosters global awareness and reminds us that we're all one race, one race that needs to get along. So, instead of launching the massive protest that many expected, the Dalai Lama came up with a far better idea.

Let's at least shake hands on the fact that we need to talk. This started the "handshake" revolution that swept the streets of London as people wearing "Give Real Talks a Hand" t-shirts walked through the city shaking hands with people and inviting them to sign a petition to Chinese leaders to begin international talks on Tibet, Darfur, and Burma. Now almost 2 million people have signed the petition.

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