WLK's 'Enslave' Posters Display a Connection to History, War & Peace

 - Sep 3, 2011
References: behance.net & behance.net
WLK's 'Enslave' posters can be explained as what you get when you combine painful wartime memories, a love of history and an interest in politics. Each of these graphic posters showcases this talented Poland-based artist's interests and embrace of art with a voice.

While all of the text incorporated into WLK's Enslave portraits is in Polish, the images of crying children, wartime moments, political voices and bleeding skulls are powerful enough to speak for themselves. This is one artist who knows how to incorporate all of his interests and passions into each piece of work.

Implications - Although war is a topic which many companies choose to shy away from in fear of openly associating themselves with one political party or offending certain consumers, it can be done in a tasteful way. During wartime, it is important for companies across all industries to demonstrate their efforts towards respecting soldiers and their families, especially as far as national pride is concerned.