- Nov 30, 2013
These apocalyptic fashion styles are showcasing how dire themes and harsh circumstances have a unique way of translating into haute couture clothing styles.

With films constantly centering on such themes as zombies and the end of the world, there's no surprise as to why certain apocalyptic references are popping up in pop culture and fashion. By infusing themes of the apocalypse into fashion spreads and runway looks, designers are able to tap into that rough and rugged visual appearance, giving their clothes a very futuristic warrior look. A great way to incorporate a bold and eye-catching theme into modern clothing styles, these apocalyptic fashion designs will surely catch the eye of any fashionista who spots them.

From road warrior fashion to survival clothing styles, these apocalyptic fashion designs are creatively merging battle attire with chic clothing inspirations.

From Luxe Apocalyptic Fashion to Haute Apocalypse Gear: