The Femke Agema AW12 Collection Quirkily Addresses Style and Survival

 - Nov 20, 2012
References: & neatorama
Harold Camping may have been wrong about the end of the world before, but many believe come December 21, 2012, that will all change; perhaps it will involve a snow apocalypse, in which case the Femke Agema AW12 collection will come in mighty handy. In a time of crises, a sane person might not be thinking about fashion, but they will be thinking of survival. With the cocoon-like snowsuits available in the Femke Agema AW12 collection, they could do both.

Dubbed 'Nigliktok,' the Inuit word for 'cold,' the Femke Agema AW12 collection predicts the "inevitable snowpocalypse," as stated on the designer's website. It goes on to note, "Nigliktok is Femke's vision of a world frozen over, a world where ice and snow dominate, but her signature colourful and playful aesthetic can still illuminate the landscape."