Lets You Become a Banker to the Poor

 - Mar 31, 2007
Fofoa Ekuata is a plantation owner in Samoa. She needs US$ 875/- to buy a box of Cramoxon, a pest management system. She is asking for help via, a website where anyone can be a banker to the poor.

It's not charity, it's investment. Entrepreneurs vetted by on-ground NGOs are presented on Kiva. Lender give small loans - as small as US$ 25. A pool of lenders fulfills the entire need of the entrepreneur. Progress is monitored. Once profitable, the borrowers start paying back. Lenders can withdraw or loan again. The loan cycle remains in motion. Everybody wins.

This scheme has worked beautifully for many. Hak Sophan, a woman caterer from Combodia, borrowed US$ 700 for house repair in April 2006. She has since repaired her house, and invested US$ 200 in her business. She has paid back the loan in full.

So you don't have to wait to be Muhammad Younus to help the poor. Log on to, pick an entrepreneur, read their story, and start lending away through your credit card!