From Youth-Oriented Finances to Pay-as-You-Go Energy

 - Jan 18, 2012
Microfinance innovations have gone through their ups and downs when it comes to scandal, popularity and importance, but there is no mistaking the influence that microfinance has had on both the international development field as well as the emerging scenes of social business, social enterprise and impact investing.

This Social Business top list of microfinance innovations covers anything and everything from youth-oriented finances like the ever-creative MyBnk and equally creative ventures like Simpa Networks, which offers "pay as you go" energy to underserved markets in India. What is so crucial about microfinance is the range of fields that it influences from charity and the eco industry to, well, even fashion. The latest of microfinance innovations that covered was a fashion brand called the Naked Hippie that redirects profits to funding microloans for small-scale entrepreneurs in the Majority World.