The Microfinance for Artists Research Project Focuses on Socio-Economics

The Microfinance for Artists Research Project is an Ontario-based program that hopes to provide small credits to professional creatives in the Canadian province. Microfinance, well, at least the term itself, is said to have originated with Muhammad Yunus' Grameen Bank in the 1970s and has been replicated in many ways throughout the globe. However, it's taken off with a little less gumption in the Western World.

But many projects like this one are re-appropriating what the so-called development scene has come to think of as microcredit. "The long-term goal of the project is to improve artists’ socio-economic status," MARP wrote on its very first blog post, which was published on January 6, 2012. "We recognized that although in recent years artists have been encouraged to improve their business skills and see themselves as entrepreneurs, they often lack access to the important business tools of credit and capital."

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