Kinara Capital is a Social Enterprise Supporting Startups in India

Founded in November 2011 by Hardika Shah, Kinara Capital is a social enterprise based in Bangalore, India that aims to fill the gap between micro-finance and commercial capital. The Kinara Capital business model is one that is scalable and low cost, but also services the specific needs of micro enterprises.

Kinara Capital provides loans to micro and small enterprises with a view to enabling new jobs and creating sustainable incomes and businesses. Kinara Capital's loans range from $2,000 to $20,000, while its shareholders' agreement ensures that investors are dedicated to the social objective instead of the monetary benefit.

According to Kinara Capital's website, only 5% of India's 26 million small enterprises have access to capital, a statistic that reiterates the mission behind the small loan-providing business. Kinara Capital endeavors to enable financial inclusion and economic development through sustainable small businesses.

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