From Minimalist Geometric Trolleys to Wheelbarrow Recliners

 - Oct 29, 2013
Adjusting your furniture to create the ideal living space can be a tough battle, especially if it's just too heavy to lift, which is why these conveniently wheeled furnishings are here to offer an easier way to move your furnishings around.

While wheels are often features associated with vehicles, adding a pair of wheels to an ordinary item or furnishing can amazingly add function and practicality to that product. These furnishings, such as cabinets and tables, creatively showcase wheeled attachments that allow homeowners to easily move or transport that item from one place to another. From wheelbarrow-inspired seating units to traditional carriage seating and loud wheely loungers, these conveniently wheeled furnishings are offering up some practical ways to rearrange your interior decor without having to break your back in the process.