Ergonomic ScooterDesk

 - Oct 28, 2007
The ScooterDesk is another "it was only a matter of time" contraptions that is so strange, yet makes perfect sense. The wheeled device makes it look like you've cozied up to a bar; your personal table is a convenient platform for your laptop, and the attached bar stool-like chair aids as a bum rest.

Though you may look a little geeky stationed on one of these, your back will thank you. The peculiar design actually has health benefits; the ergonomic form is designed to let you work for hours on end with minimal back pain.

"They improve the ergonomic wellbeing (of workers) for all possible kinds of activities where occasional sitting and use of a small desk are needed," ScooterDesk says. "Your back is in optimal position: straight. - You are stimulated to gently move and change position often: - You train your ligaments and muscles, and stimulate your circulation and metabolic processes. - You may have a lot of fun riding to your co-workers."

Imagine, a few years from now, busting one of these out from the ScooterDesk dispenser at your local coffee shop! Oh, won't we look cool!