Icelandic Design Firm Offers an New Way to Use Shelves

 - Mar 10, 2013
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With new creations for maximizing work and living spaces popping up every day, this one of a kind Fold Shelf made by Stáss is a real off-the-wall approach to dealing with common clutter.

Stáss is an Icelandic design firm fronted by architects Árný Þórarinsdóttir and Helga G. Vilmundardóttir. Made out of power coated aluminium and waxed oak, the Fold Shelf may have a couple conventional shelf surfaces, but its dips and dives define this piece's all-out versatility.

By embedding funky nooks, crannies and valleys within one continuous shelf structure, Stáss gives us limitless opportunities to explore storage methods that work for you. The Fold Shelf transcends the shackles of straight forward, traditional shelving systems and instead gives us the freedom to put our clutter into our own trendy order.