This Magazine Rack by John Quan is Reminiscent of the Slinky

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: & cutesign.tumblr
Designer John Quan infuses his magazine rack design with a youthful playfulness that reminds us to smile each day and interact with the things we surround ourselves with.

In this case, the rack is shaped very much like a slinky, the retro toys many people reminisce about from childhoods when touch-screens were found only in Sci-Fi movies. Adults who don't have much room for useless toys lying around their home creating unnecessary clutter will find that this design introduces a bit of fun and whimsy back into their lives while providing the practicality needed from household objects.

The flexible shape allows you to contort the unit into several different lengths so you can store CDs, magazines, books and important documents. The John Quan magazine rack is made from sleek plywood.