This Scrap Wood Furniture is Inspired by Design History

 - Jul 11, 2013
References: elichissick
Eli Chissick’s ‘Zemayesh’ exhibition features scrap wood furniture made from pieces that were discarded from carpentry shops. Chissick collects discarded pieces of MDF, Formica, solid wood and laminates and gives them a new life as gorgeous new tables and shelves. The variety in wood lends the pieces a beautiful patchwork-like pattern and range of coloring.

Each of Chissick’s furniture pieces is inspired by an iconic design movement throughout history, like the absurdist Dada period or well-known pieces like Joseph Albers’ nesting tables from the Bauhaus. These pieces source old materials and rejuvenate elements from past design periods to create beautiful new sculptural forms.

Chissick’s solo exhibition is currently being held at the Tel Aviv’s Periscope Gallery.