Nautinox Greenbook is a Storage System that Doubles as an Espalier

 - Oct 13, 2012
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Two-in-one furnishings can be incredibly wonderful things, saving you space and inspiring your sense of imagination. The Nautinox Greenbook is an interesting mix of two very different objects, effectively combining to create a hybrid shelf and indoor trellis.

The aesthetic design of the piece is a slightly complex one that comprises a brick-like grid of stacked metal frames. This structure wraps around the sides and the back of the bookshelf and completely encompasses the base.

Painted white to match the cage around it, a compartment in the bottom of the shelving unit presumably acts as a planter. Climbing greenery such as vines are ideal choices for decorating the back of the Nautinox Greenbook so that the stems instinctively ascend and wrap around the entire thing.