The SoftShelf by E/B Office Looks Malleable and is Customizable

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: eboarch &
The SoftShelf by E/B Office, an architectural studio based in New York City, is a sculptural shelving unit that looks like a giant honeycomb section that has been manhandled and manipulated. Parts of the unit are squished and elongated while other places are larger and more shapely. This provides various spots for a range of different objects to be stored and displayed.

Made out of wood, the SoftShelf by E/B Office, who also created the visually striking Seat art installation, is fully customizable. The designers write, "Softshelf takes advantage of the rigidity and fluidity of wood combined with the precision of CNC milling technology to create a monolithic and continuous form, sturdy yet geometrically complex, and ultimately innovative." The resulting effect is utterly captivating.