- Aug 19, 2014
These clothing storage concepts marry aesthetics with practicality. The pieces range from coat racks and wardrobe furnishings to innovative garment hangers that are designed to save space.

Standouts from this list of clothing storage concepts include designer Ivan Zhang's 'A'postrophe Hanger', a sophisticated closet contraption that can be bent to store a multitude of garments like layered shirts and trousers. This innovative accessory saves space while ensuring one's clothing items are wrinkle-free.

Another favorite from this list is Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho's Sine clothing rack collection. The home accessory range is designed with clean minimalism in mind and provides users with practicality and style when displayed within a modern home. These clothing rack accessories are displayed in a palette of bright hues and boast simplistic forms.

From Webbed Wardrobe Furnishings to Minimalist Coat Rack Sculptures: