The Compass Shelf Redirects Your Mess for an Orderly Interior

 - Oct 9, 2013
References: gamfratesi & leibal
You could conceivably use the Compass Shelf as a proper ladder, but it's been designed more as a practical accessory than a utilitarian object first and foremost. GamFratesi presents a convenient coatrack that encourages you to arrange your garments across its rungs for a more organized indoor environment.

Through the simplification of the stepladder, the designer ended up with a playful and iconic form that came to resemble the pivoting drawing utensil that's known as a compass. This whimsical quality was enhanced with the incorporation of colorful metal circles that cover the hinges of the clothes hanger.

The Compass Shelf can be kept open or closed, self-supported or leaned against the wall. It contributes to a room as lighthearted decor and keeps your lightly-worn garments nice and breezy.