The Air Rod Ventilates Your Vestments to Refresh Them Hassle-Free

 - May 7, 2014
References: & yankodesign
The Air Rod is a very clever concept that would prove useful in every closet. This invention is a wardrobe rail with modular inserts that fan out the garments that hang from it. This gadget would enable you to put away worn articles without washing them so frequently, taking advantage of the effectiveness of simply airing them out to achieve freshness.

Gwang Chae Jung and a group of students from Hansung University came up with this innovative idea. The Air Rod would be easy to install in any cupboard or armoire and come with long and rounded gaps along its length. The user would have the choice of slotting in a dehumidifying agent, a deodorant agent or an air freshener. These would provide ventilation with special enhancements to your dark and musty wardrobe storage.