Hang Your Coat From Welcoming Gestures Courtesy of Thelermont Hupton

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: thelermonthupton & blog.thaeger
There's nothing like going home and throwing your jacket on to a coat hanger after a long day of work. Thelermont Hupton has decided to make the experience a little more interesting with these new hooks.

Instead of the standard free-standing racks, Thelermont Hupton has decided to use hand gestures as coat hooks -- most of which I know you have used. There's the handshake, the thumbs up, the peace and I think it's safe to say, almost everyone's favorite, the middle finger. It's definitely a welcoming furniture piece especially if for some reason you want to be greeted by an inanimate object when you come home. Of course, the middle finger can be damaging on a crappy morning when you lift your coat off and find the coat rack is flipping you off. Either way, it's an amusing decor piece that would fit perfectly in the modern home.