The Hangover Wardrobe is a Simple Rack For Relocating Clothing Clutter

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: gompf-kehrer
Extreme organization may not be your thing, but the Hangover Wardrobe can help you to at least clear up a bit of space on your carpet so that you can easily walk around your bedroom. The clever contraption is really quite minimalist, yet it affords such convenience, and the potential to influence your messy behaviors.

Gompf and Kehrer have created a pair of wireframe coatracks from tubular steel segments that have been welded together. They form rectangles with addition sets of horizontal rails: two in the taller version and one in the shorter. With generous gaps in between them, the Hangover Wardrobe rods can accept big bunches of clothing and outerwear, keeping it all piled up at an accessible height. Installed by simply leaning it against the wall, this product can be used as a towel rack in the bathroom as well.