Der Bremer Airs Out Your Articles to Reduce Excessive Laundering

 - May 24, 2012
Designer Thomas Walde points out that modern man may wash his clothes far more frequently than necessary. Der Bremer was developed in response to an excessive use of water for this practice. This clothing rack is not a place to hang your freshly cleaned laundry, but rather a frame on which to neatly arrange worn articles so that they may be donned again before they're next washed.

This Postfossil piece is an air dryer, intended to rid fabrics of odors and prevent material wrinkling -- a much more civilized method to the system of heaped garments on the floor. Many people are happy enough to re-wear attire, and Der Bremer will simply help them to declutter chairs, closet doorknobs and less-trodden patches of carpet.