The Paper-Bag Hanger Transforms to Suspend the Clothes it Once Carried

 - Jan 14, 2012
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Shopping bags represent one aspect of consumer culture that generates a great deal of unnecessary waste. Few of them ever get used again, so the Paper-Bag Hanger proposes a way to integrate another function and extend the life cycle of these disposables.

Winners of a 2011 Red Dot Design Award, Zhu Baixuan, Wang Sheng, Tang Ruoqing, Chen Hongyu and Bian Jing have reinvented the conventional retail tote. They have conceived a brown paper bag, likely to be manufactured of recycled paper products, which can be quickly and painlessly converted into a fully functional coat hanger.

The narrow boxy bag need simply be flipped upside-down and flattened for a hooked shape to pop out of the reinforced base. The strength of the thin cardboard which composes the Paper-Bag Hanger provides ample firmness to support the shoulders of the dress shirts in your closet.