The Wewood Andy Hanger is an Unusual Solution for an Ordinary Task

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: diogo-frias & blog.leibal
Observing the Wewood Andy Hanger, you may ask yourself, "what is it's purpose?" It is a rectangular timber box mounted on the wall, revealing the incised contour of a chunky coat hanger, otherwise without a formal indication of its function.

But you'd be right to remark the clothing holder outline in the lumber crate, because supporting a jacket is its raison d'etre. If you pull down from the long horizontal opening across Diogo Frias's cabinet, a hinged door drops and stops parallel to the floor and the coat hanger suspends perpendicularly. The arrangement produces a shelf for your accessories and mixed possessions and and a low-level hook for your overcoat. Beautifully crafted, the Wewood Andy Hanger would make a warm addition to your front foyer, kept collapsed in hotter months.