- Oct 30, 2013
When it comes to furnishing your home, making sure to have ample storage space is key to keeping things tidy, but these abstract storage systems are here to offer some artistic ways to keep your household organized.

Shelves and cupboards are some of the most practical furnishings you can acquire when choosing to decorate a new home. Having an item to store or display your knick knacks such as books, paper and collectables is a fantastic way to organize your space into a clean-looking area. And while these abstract storage systems may initially appear more like pieces of artwork than home furnishings, they are here to make storing items at home a lot more visually appealing.

From swivelling crescent storage to beautifully sculpted shelving, these abstract storage systems are showcasing that artistic design and practicality can indeed go hand in hand.

From Sharply Angular Shelving to Scattered Grid Storage: