The Mostros Collection Features Delightful Faces in its Drawers

 - Feb 18, 2013
References: & blog.gessato
Even pieces of furniture can become toys, as the Mostros collection demonstrates. The set of dressers, bedside tables, cabinets, consoles and armoires has been treated to just slight adaptations to the basic practical forms in order to animate the objects playfully.

The top cabinet or drawer of every piece was cut with tiny protrusions on either side that look like either ears or antennae. A pair of holes in the same compartment come to represent eyes, doubling as handles to access the storage space inside. The lacquered MDF of the 'Monsters' has been treated to a teal green, brown or gray color so that it might be likened to an alien or an earthly animal. The Mostros collection characters are given mouths in the form of cubbies and lower drawers.