The Shee Hall Table Has Upper Compartments Accessed by Concealed Hinges

 - Mar 5, 2013
It might not be immediately clear how or if you can access the space behind the colorful cabinets of the Shee Hall Table. This sweet piece of furniture performs as a perfectly slim storage surface in one's busy front foyer, offering you three places to stash a number of items.

Place a plant, a lamp, a sculpture or a picture frame along the back of the tabletop -- Sonja Tonev's furnishing affords sufficient space to accommodate ornamentation as well as general clutter. A thin aluminum ledge is fixed just below the bulk of the MDF compartment, towards the top of the two front legs that are elegantly long and made from solid wood. Painted plywood panels cover the quirky cupboards of the Shee Hall Table, hiding a hatch for outerwear accessories and more.