The Elegant Tensile Shelf Lets You Configure Your Own Decorative Display

 - Apr 2, 2013
References: & furnitureserved
Shelving units don't need to be basic, fixed and relatively featureless pieces -- just look at the Tensile Shelf. This elaborate contraption serves the function of a storage system, but does so with beauty, grace and the ability to be adapted.

Designer Jae Won Chang worked with a fine, powder-coated metal frame that takes a circular shape at its base and its crown. Strung up between these are a bunch of elastic cords that have been made from recycled EPDM rubber. Birch wood disks act as the ledges, and these can be arranged freely between the stretchy cables. Cinch the lines together below these surfaces to keep them secured in place; this process also enhances the silhouette of the Tensile Shelf. To make it increasingly visually intricate, reconfigured the cords to make diamond patterns that will enclose the tables' contents.