'Les Ruches' are Stackable Storage Containers with a Beehive Design

 - May 15, 2013
References: perrinevigneron.fr
When it comes to storing away objects like sunglasses and pens, designers like Perrine Vigneron and his hive-inspired "les ruches" boxes show that companies are now looking to the industriousness of insects to better their storage devices.

Although bees may be pestering insects to some, there's no denying that these ancient flying creatures are some of the hardest working critters on our planet. Producing many gallons of honey throughout the season and keeping their hives safe, humans have taken much inspiration from these winged workers.

The "les ruches" stackable storage boxes are made from wood and are 'infinitely stackable' storage devices that are modeled after a hive structure. By combining style with the incredibly useful shape of a hive, it's safe to say that the "les ruches" are a buzz-worthy storage system.