The Clothing House is a Fitting Furnishing for the Domestic Environment

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: & mocoloco
You can be fairly certain that your garments do not have feelings; however, if they did, do you think that they would be upset to be stored in a cramped and dark closet? The Clothing House brings your wardrobe into the light and in view of the room, letting your collection of ensembles become part of the atmosphere of your intimate space.

Ola Giertz has adapted the utilitarian garment rack, keeping a minimalist approach while expressing a bit of personality. The four posts that rise up from the sturdy rectangular base bend inwards. These connect with a single coat hanger rail to form the basic shape of a wire frame pitched roof. The metal material has been simply finished in black, and the Clothing House was given wheels to enhance its versatility.