The Kuba-Truba Shelf Series Stands Clumsily Against the Wall

 - Oct 14, 2011
References: decorkuznetsov
Balance is a quality that every bit of furniture should possess by default, so the impression left by the Kuba-Truba Shelf series is a little unsettling at first. The five quirky storage systems seem to be impossibly stabilized on unsure footing, bracing the walls behind them for added support.

Yet this uncoordinated characteristic that each of the awkward objects shares is precisely what makes the collection so compelling. It appears to pose an interesting question of what happens when your shelving unit is as unsteady as your staggering stack of books.

The askew line of items by Decorkuznetsov maintains a formal consistency through the incorporation of cubic cubbies and enclosed rectangular ledges, but every Kuba-Truba Shelf maintains a different stance, supported by slanted ash wood sticks to which they are connected.