Collaborate on the Design of the Alan Rorie Voronoi Bookshelf

 - Jan 4, 2013
References: kickstarter & shoeboxdwelling
The Alan Rorie Voronoi Bookshelf app offers the consumer a chance to generate personalized voronoi bookshelf designs they can later purchase. Allan’s project invites the consumer to become an active participant in the creation of the products they consume. The interactive voronoi bookshelf design is a collaborative process rather than a mere business transaction.

Alan Rorie emphasizes the opportunity for the end users to form a more contextual bond with the belongings that surround them through directly engaging with their creativity. The astute integration of the digital and physical development leverages the product’s desirability through the system’s interactive and cooperative nature, while also creating space for later developments by way of its open-source coding.

"I believe great design is not something you consume, it’s something you do. It’s an interaction, a collaboration… You are the designer-collaborator." says the designer, artists, coder, neurobiologist extraordinaire himself.