The WoodCurve Stacked Teacups Shelf Looks Ready to Tumble

 - Nov 29, 2012
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The WoodCurve Stacked Teacups shelving unit looks like it is about to topple over at any moment. Known for creating high-quality handmade wood furniture that has a haphazard look to it, WoodCurve made this teacup unit replicate something you might find in a messy person's kitchen.

If you are the type of person who enjoys a bit of chaos and finds unique decor to be more exciting than streamlined furnishings, this shelf is definitely for you. It appears that there are four teacup-shaped units balancing precariously on top of each other, however, when you look at the back of the shelves, you will notice that the entire thing is a single solid unit.

Get the look of a jumbled mess without actually having one with the WoodCurve Stacked Teacups.