Shelving the Body Explores the Link Between People and Possessions

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: darraghcaseydesign & notcot
Even without reading into it at all, one can appreciate the wonderfully whimsical look of Shelving the Body. Darragh Casey's project and exhibition bring the ledge and the living together as an imaginative consideration of the way people interact with objects.

The artist set up a variety of very different wall-mounted shelf arrangements, often installing the sills askew to play with the boundaries of gravity and to rely on the additional support of the human body. In many cases, the men and women posing within these installations are depending on anchored shelves as props, but there are also instances in which the ledges are held up by feet, shoulders and heads.

Shelving the Body is an enthralling exploration of weight and positioning and demonstrates an interdependent relationship between humans and the objects that they make and use.