Softvoro Shelf Supplies Curved Cubbies for the Placement of Odd Objects

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: gt2p
A shelving unit may help to organize your possessions, but it is likely that the majority of your belongings are not best suited by the rigid ledges of a conventional storage system. The Softvoro Shelf offers a more organic alternative to a bookcase which consists completely of peculiar rounded compartments.

Great Things to People has designed a piece of furniture that is content to contain a range of items with bulbous shapes and complex contours, not just the rectilinear geometries of novels. It is, however, well suited to store hardcover publications on unpredictable angles.

Far from developing the Softvoro Shelf with an arbitrary abstract aesthetic, gt2P planned the cell-like recesses based on Voronoi tessellation algorithms.