The Ramirez Bookshelf Sports a Dynamic Diagonal Frame

 - Sep 6, 2012
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The Ramirez Bookshelf would make a sleek addition to any home. Although the fact that it is made out of wood would make some question its 'sleekness,' its design attests to it. In place of the typical up and down aesthetic, the Ramirez Bookshelf boasts slanted wood strips that add a whole new dynamic to the traditional bookcase.

Designed by Mob, a studio made up of Jesus Irizar, Lucia Soto and Andrea Flores, the Ramirez Bookshelf can also be used as a room divider. Long and slim, the diagonal frame will add visual interest to any living space. As stated by the designers, "This piece seems to be moving constantly, surrounded by diagonals it creates an optical effect where we feel that the shelves are always ready to fold, as if floating."