From Large Ladder Timepieces to Stepladder Drawers

 - Aug 30, 2013
If you are looking to add some quirky features into your ordinary pieces of home decor, then these unique ladder-incorporated furnishings will definitely provide some humorous touches.

While ladders are ordinarily the kinds of helpful step systems that allow you to ascend upwards onto roofs and hard to reach areas, these quirky furnishings have creatively incorporated those stepladder features to add a whimsical touch to the design. By adding creative structural steps to the framework of these furniture pieces, designers are able to create a very unique and interactive decor piece that adults and children will surely love.

From surreal staircase bookcases to stepladder drawers and minimalist balancing furniture, these quirky ladder-incorporated furnishings will definitely add an abstract and visually compelling touch to any ordinary room.