Ladder by Agnieszka Mazur Literally Encourages You to Tidy Things Up

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: & blog.leibal
While you contemplate the usefulness of Ladder by Agnieszka Mazur, you may come to realize that the standard bedroom setup is lacking in something significant. You've got your closet and dresser for holding all of your freshly cleaned clothes, but the nothing for those items that you can acceptably wear twice.

Made like a frame that could have once conceivably been an actual stepladder, this quirky piece of furniture incorporates two rungs at its base, one at the top and a series of irregular protruding pegs. These dowels project from the outside of the piece and keep a section of tightly wrapped cords in place.

This bright yellow rope bound around its top is what makes Ladder by Agnieszka Mazur so unique. It's there to enable the convenient threading through of various garments and accessories for easy access, airing out and a second wear.