The Wall-Mounted Parker Shelf by Paul Menand is Precariously Fixed in Place

 - Jan 9, 2013
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The custom when installing shelving is usually to have the ledges touching the wall and often bolting them directly to it. The Parker Shelf by Paul Menand is a great deal different from the conventional floating cubby since it sits a few inches out and is supported by an unstable-looking setup.

Made of solid plywood, the open rectangular box is connected to a pair of slender branches that penetrate the top and bottom timber faces. They appear to anchor the object weakly, spreading out into three-point offshoots that fasten to the wall. It looks as though the storage system might easily twist and tip over between the asymmetrical bough buttresses before toppling onto the floor with its contents. The Etagère Parker by Paul Menand performs a playful balancing act for its lighthearted user to appreciate.