The Hamster Paper Shredder

 - Apr 11, 2007
References: tomballhatchet & core77
I had a mouse in my garage a few days ago and it ate part of an old book I have. I was not pleased. I saw this only as disastrous. But if I would have taken a look at that event with the eyes of a true innovator, I might have come up with the idea of the gadget presented here. While most of the gadgets presented here are highly technological, this thing is actually very simple.

The shredder is powered by the hamster who runs inside the wheel. After doing its exercise, the hamster is rewarded by the paper shred coming from the shredder, using it to play in, eat and poop on.

This is just the perfect disposal of confidential documents. If someone wants to try to read what was written in my documents, they are now going to have read my hamster’s poop! Good luck with that one.