The PetZoom Bathe 'N Groom Makes Cleaning a Dog or Cat a Breeze

 - May 23, 2013
References: thegadgetflow
Giving a furry friend a bath can be a nightmare, which is why the PetZoom Bathe 'N Groom is a fantastic, all-in-one product that will not only help to wash, but also comb. The unique design of the PetZoom Bathe 'N Groom shower head makes it an essential piece of equipment for avid canine or feline owners who need an effective solution for keeping their favorite pets clean.

Being a dog and cat owner myself, I can instantly see the versatility that the PetZoom Bathe 'N Groom offers. Instead of forcing your pet underneath a faucet, the shower head comes to them and transforms a traditional bathtub into a grooming powerhouse. Just make sure to put a strainer in the drain to catch the fur!