From Canine Mexican Cuisine to Nutritious Feline Food

 - Sep 12, 2014
Gourmet pet food is one of those highly niche sectors of the pet market that is growing. Pets are more than just cute and snuggly companions -- to many people, their pets are a status symbol and deserve nothing but the best.

A lot of the gourmet pet food offerings available on the market are essentially pet food versions of both sweet and savory human foods. These can include highly specific ethnic cuisines or sweet favorites such as ice cream, desserts and fortune cookies.

Now your pet dog or cat may not be able to verbally state their opinion on what they'd like to eat, but if they look happy chowing down on ice cream and tacos, why not? It appears that gourmet pet food is here to stay, and there will only be more products available in the coming years in this fast-growing sector.