The Desktop Jellyfish Tank is a Statement-Making Stunner for the Office

 - Aug 13, 2011
References: kickstarter & uncrate
If you have seen the movie 'Seven Pounds' starring Will Smith, you may think that owning your very own Desktop Jellyfish Tank is not the greatest idea in the world. Yet as soon as you set eyes on this stunner (pun intended), you will throw away any misapprehensions you may have right out the door.

The perfect accessory for your office, the Desktop Jellyfish Tank will add a unique, statement-making touch that will surely mesmerize any visitor or client. Designed for Medusozoa by the experts over at Jellyfish Art, it is equipped with full-spectrum LEDs for illumination, an air diffuser for maximum oxygenation, built-in biological, chemical and mechanical filtration, and a bubble channel to shield the jellyfish from the air.