Dog Vests by Ruffwear Will Keep Your Pet Cool and Comfortable

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: ruffwear
Dog owners who want to make sure their lovable canine friends are comfortable will want to be in the know about these temperature cooling dog vests created by Ruffwear.

This is not just another silly outfit made to make dogs look like humans. This dog vest was made with the purpose of helping your pup stay cool on scorching hot summer days. These cooling coats for your dog work by keeping their core temperature down. Before your run, simply soak the dog vest in water and ring it out before fastening it to your dog. As your dog heats up the cool water keeps the coat cool which in turn keeps your dog comfortable.

Available in sizes from XXS to XL, these dog cooling vests are perfect for any active dog. They are easy to use and comfortable for your pet.