The Fancy Rat Convention is No Ordinary Fashion Show

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: facebook & odditycentral
Pet owners have really gone above and beyond with the newest trend and pet ownership -- the Fancy Rat Convention! Rats have apparently became a popular pet choice in NYC, and this spectacular rat fashion show may be one of the oddest displays in animal affection to date.

The show garnered the attention of dozens of rat lovers who gathered in Manhattan to attend. Showcasing her designs was pet fashion designer Ada Nieves, who also designs for dogs and cats. She showed off her rodent clothing collection which features rat tuxedos, wedding dresses, bridesmaids gowns and other exclusive designs. Her designs come complete with crystals or feathers and sell for about $80 each.

According to Oddity Central, "the pet-rat trend took off when celebrities began adopting rats and showing them in public, and now people spend up to $115 for the latest breeds, and a lot more on cages, toys, designer clothes and other accessories."

What a strange and unusual concept, but hey, rats need to feel pretty too!