The Vasco Beams Radiator Can Be Adapted for Hot Additional Uses

 - Feb 18, 2013
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A fixture such as the Vasco Beams Radiator is quite effective as a wall-mounted unit that provides warmth in its immediate interior surroundings. But what you get with this design that you don't with most others is the option of making a range of specific items nice and toasty as well.

The elegant appliance is minimalist and industrial with three plank-like metal heaters that are long and tightly aligned. They have a subtle reflective quality and a perfect uniformity that's fuss-free for a luxuriously clean and contemporary appearance.

But a little bit of fun can be had with the Studio Segers piece, allowing rectangular and linear attachments to be fixed to the face of the Vasco Beams Radiator. Available in different colors and sizes, these accessories act as convenient clothes hooks and towel racks.