Stove by Kazuaki Hibino Improves Survivors' Health and Happiness

 - Aug 2, 2012
References: kazuakihibino & yankodesign
Modern man has come to adapt to a certain technology-assisted way of life, making a concept like this Stove by Kazuaki Hibino an absolute lifesaver following a natural disaster. Without access to some of the small luxuries that electricity and communications provide, communities may find their collective morale taking a hit for a negative impact on health.

With sufficient funding, this innovative appliance could find its way into every few affected households. It's an environmentally friendly oven that uses wood pellets as fuel to produce light and heat. On the experiential level, it keeps people warm and acts as a beacon to bring them together. Even more impressively, Stove by Kazuaki Hibino is a thermic energy generator that can be used to power a built-in cooking element and to charge your mobile phone.