Runtal Le Corbusier Radiators Express the Architectural Art's Best Shades

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: & muuuz
Aesthetically speaking, it's hit or miss with most interior heaters. These Runtal Le Corbusier radiators certainly fit within the "hit" category rather than the one that labels such fixtures as unsightly.

Of course, looking at the long, narrow and impressively flat appliances, you would hardly know their function. They're each expressed as a single rolled rectangular sheet of metal, coated with a delightfully bold hue and revealing only the slightest hint of additional components.

Runtal Le Corbusier radiators come with discrete wheels for grounded installation but they can also be mounted on the walls. They take the appearance of sound panels, partitions or works of art, emitting a wonderful warmth and one shade of the gorgeous color palette of a revered modern architect.