The GreenBox Concept isn't Just Full of Hot Air

 - Apr 13, 2010
References: yankodesign
Everyone can agree that the absolute, most horrible thing you can wake up in the morning to is cold feet. The GreenBox concept is here to make your 5am trek to the bathroom a lot less punishing. You'll particularly be able to appreciate this if you live in a basement apartment. How this contraption basically works is that it sucks the cold air in off of the ground level, bringing the room temperature slightly higher. Oh, how your toes will be thanking you.

Created by Farsad Ghaffarian, the GreenBox concept resembles one of those Chinese paper lanterns you see at Ikea. Unlike a paper lantern though, this wondrous invention will make it easy to put on socks once again, keep your feet from cramping and most importantly, severely reduce the pain of stubbed toes.