Scaletta by Elisa Giovannoni Resembles Something That it's Not

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: designboom
Innovations when it comes to the shape of heaters are quite rare in the design world, but Elisa Giovannoni decided to take on the challenge with the creation of 'Scaletta.' The radiator looks like a ladder in the most literal sense, which comes in handy when one is looking for somewhere to hang their wet clothes.

Elisa Giovannoni tried to look at the radiator from a different angle. Instead of just accepting the current models as a device to heat the home with, she brainstormed to come up with ways so that the heater could be more of a design element. From this, she basically merged two designs together, taking the functionality of a heater, and the aesthetics of a ladder.

Photo Credits: designboom